Different are the fabrics that can be used for the bow ties: silk, cotton but also wool, based on the event you are going to attend. Also the patterns can be really various, fancy ones for your special nights, geometrical or the classic and more formal solid.

A bow tie is usually associated with the idea of a elegant night’s menswear, there is no smoking or frac that cannot be put together with this evergreen accessory. What’s its secular origin? It is said that the bow ties exists since the 17th century when, during the 30 years’ war, the Croatian soldiers used a sort of ribbon to close their bottom-less shirts during the battles. There are two main models of bow ties, the classic and the diamond point. The first has a linear shape, essential and it’s considered the most common. The second has a more thin shape and it’s used with the peak lapel. To get further information you can consult our bow tie’s section or contact us on our “Perfectly suited” section.