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The name "polo" has it's origin from the game. The player use to wear a jersey with a buttoned collar, but it was with long sleeves compared with the football version.

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It was the 6th January 1911 when the italian football national team wore the azure shirt for the first time. A shirt with a polo collar, white shorts and black socks. The colors were meant to be a tribute to the royal banner of Savoia house. The polo was made with an opened collar different from the standard ones with 2 or 3 bottoms and with the italian emblem on the chest.


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Mr. Lino Ieluzzi

One may become rich but style is innate” Follow me if you have style #albazarmilano #7style #linoieluzzi www.albazarmilano.it

What inspires you when designing a collection, do you have a process?

I love reading books and watching movies from the 30’s, from which I take inspiration. At the same time, I always try to give my collections a more modern touch, by reshaping the garments.

We love the #7 ties that have become your trademark, can you tell us a little about their origin?

I was born the 7th of October and number 7 has always been my lucky number. Some years ago I started wearing ties with a hand-embroidered 7. My customers loved the idea and kept asking me to sell them. This is why I decided to create a 7 tie collection for my boutique.

What are your favourite materials to work with?

I prefer cashmere and wools which I use not only for suits but also for ties. These materials in fact, unlike silk, make the knot of the tie much more long-lasting.

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