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From our Magazine

Foulard to tie

The tie is an accessory that start to spread during the 30 years’ war (1618-1648) thanks to the Croatian sell…

Something about the Polo shirt

It was the 6th January 1911 when the Italian football national team wore the azure shirt for the first time. A shirt with a polo collar, white shorts and black socks. The colors were meant to be a…

Aperitivo time

The origin of the word is clear: appetizer (in Italian: Aperitivo) comes from the latin word aperitivus (opening), a beverage that can stimulate the appetite and can "open" the feeling of hunger. Its origin is more than 200…

Business attire required

The real revolution is to select the understatement, using the three elements that make the difference in style: tie, bag and watch. A tie has in its own DNA, different meaning expressed with its use. In Tie Your…

Customized Styles

Define your style with us

We can help our guests build the best way to dress for every occasion: our collection of textiles and materials will satisfy every needs and taste.

The Store

The TYT Florence Store offers a collection of Made in Italy products suited to locals as well as those who are visiting the city. We’re offering the full range of Sevenfold ties collection in addition to a range of garments for gentlemen who loves to dress classic.


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