The origin of the word is clear: appetizer (in Italian: Aperitivo) comes from the latin word aperitivus (opening), a beverage that can stimulate the appetite and can “open” the feeling of hunger. Its origin is more than 200 years old and in began in Turin: in 1786 Mr. Antonio Benedetto Carpano created, in a shop of the central Piazza Castello, a flavored wine with herbs and spices. “Aperitivo time”, an italian tradition, is a symbol of wealth, fun and socializing with a hidden dress-code. Male fashion during the 60s, prescribed a suit in this situation, and it was a strict social rule. Jacket and tie was a duty since 13 years old.

Today, the appetizer has lost its ultra formal characteristic of classic cocktail party, held in elegant villas and palaces for big occasions. The cocktail attire or light dinner, was a formal apetizer where the rule was to wear a jacket, elegant trousers, shiny shoes, shirt and tie. The black suit, too serious and formal used for daylight events was avoided in that situation. blazer and slacks with different colors were the habit. A classic elegance that express itself sipping an “Americano” at the tables of the Harry’s Bar.

A smooth elegance, expressed with a Sevenfold tie. A sartorial elegance that create a one piece clothes. As James Joyce once said to the artist who was making his portait: “I don’t mind how you paint my soul but get the tie correct”.